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Well, not really, but you've figured that out by now.   MacGyver's what I go by on all the toy-geek sites I belong to.  I'm really just a stay at home mom...yes, I'm a girl...who happens to be obsessed with GI Joe, MacGyver, Indiana Jones, Transformers, Star Trek and grandest obsession of all.    


I like to write and I like to customize action figures.  In fact, I'm obsessive about both, so I hope you find time to enjoy the offerings.  


Some parts of the site are still under construction and the galleries definitely need to be updated, so check back often!  



Hi!  Name's Macgyver...

I see each of my customs as a tiny representation of the creative power of God.  

As I work, it reminds me of who He is in my life.  Ephesians 2:10 proclaims that

we are, one and all, God's masterpiece and that he created us in Christ Jesus

for a good purpose.  That is the heart of why I do what I do.  To HIS glory.  

My customizing philosophy:  E2:10

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